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Founding Ideas

" The corporation exists for fulfilling the common interests and prosperity of the society."

  • Contributing to the customers' health enhancement by the development of complicated multi-functional ingredients of high-class food culture.

 We will consider the global taste with health as we foster and develop several kinds of complex, high quality class level taste and health-improving rice varieties for the world. We will open a healthy food culture society as we plan initiatives to touch the five senses of taste.

  • Contributing to the economic aspect of society by honest tax report and payments.

 Building a sound corporation by honest tax reporting and payments of the accumulated profit of the company, to give back to society.

  • Empowering the society by giving back to the society.

  Corporation profits are gained by the contribution of various parts society, therefore we realize that the corporation need to give back to the society. We will take responsiblility of the society as a member, for creating a better and happier society to live in.

Corporate Philosophy

To use the wave of increasing future values and collaborative consilience as a new rising chance.


Founder's Initiative

To breed various high-quality products primarily by arousing the five senses of taste and considering the health of the global society.


Management Philisophy

Sincerity, Faith, Integrity

To be the breeding company developing the value of base ingredients for a high-quality food culture.


Company Culture

"Owner Spirit, Harmony, Creativity"

A company based on working with a direct and positive mind by creating harmony with the spirit of ownership and lifelong education
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