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Hwaseong Soohyangmi

Hwaseong Soohyangmi(Namyang NACF) is a patented rice variety cultivated from a wild aromatic rice by using a conventional breeding method never used anywhere else.

It grows up in the clean and pure land with the west sea breeze.

You can have the abundant, perfect taste with the masterpiece  cultivated by Hwaseong and glow of Nature.

Chosun Fragrance rice (Chosun hyangmi)

You can feel the deep flavour that came out from the noble household during the Chosun Dynasty.

‘Golden Queen Ⅲ’, developed in Korea, is one of the mid-early matured rice. It is a high-quality rice with a nice taste as it contains low protein, and has a nice texture as it is low-amylose. The slow aging process keeps the taste, flavour, and shape of the rice well even over 24 hours after cooking.

Wolhyang - Taste of Moon (Rayfarm Korea)

Wolhyang-Taste of Moon

This variety is the best rice in Korea!

‘Golden Queen Ⅲ’- 'Wolhayngmi' is cultivated from reclaimed clean, pure land, which has abundant moonlights for creating the rich flavour.



Golden Queen (Greenpia)

‘Golden Queen’ is developed in a conventional breeding method, using a traditional genetic resource from nature; it a resource of the flavoured rice.

This rice is cultivated well in Korea and it has high-quality taste.

This rice is 100% pure rice, giving off a natural fragrance.  

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