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Varieties & Products

Surachung Jinsangmi (Surachung NACF)

(NACF:National Agricultural Cooperative Federation)

'Gyeonggimi' was the rice used to serve the King in the past.

'Surachung Jinsangmi' is a polished rice of a single variety, and we do our best to manage all the process, from producing to supplying the high-quality rice to customers.

Hatsahlduri Jinsangmi (Paltan NACF)

(NACF:National Agricultural Cooperative Federation)

'Hatsahlduri' Rice, an excellent agricultural specialty of Hwaseong-si, is cultivated through contract cultivation, low-temperature drying, and a cutting edge processing facility by the National Agricultural Federative Association. The facility has achieved a "Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) Certification" from the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service. As the quality of the taste and flavour is assured, you can enjoy the rice with trust.

New Yeoju Jachae Rice(Yeojusi )

This is a mid-early maturing rice and it achieved a high rank in the domestic variety quality rank. It is mostly clear and pure, and has a low protein content and a low amylose value so when you cook the rice, it gives a very nice, soft texture with cohesiveness.

Very good rice for the people (Agricultural Corporation Geumbul)

It is low-amylose and keeps the good taste, texture, and glossy look for a long time after cooking.

​This rice is high-quality, due to the taste and delicious texture.

Dangjin Haenahru Jinsangmi (Myeoncheon NACF)

(NACF:National Agricultural Cooperative Federation)


Feel the taste of 'Jinsangmi' which has a glossy, nice texture!




Singsingmi- Yeoju Jinsangmi (Keongsungmiga)

Yeoju has abundant sunshine which is a good environment for growing the high-quality rice.

It is excellent in the glossy look and delicious texture.

This rice produced under the contract cultivation with Yeoju-si.



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